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Our Mission

Wolfgang Security has a dedicated team of experienced and trained security professionals. Our mission is to: 

“protect our clients assets, and commercial interests from current and future threats and vulnerabilities”

Our Vision

We recognise that in an unpredictable, and changing world clients require a tailored and adaptive security strategy. Using best practise and lessons learned in the international arena, we will lead the field as an invested provider of high quality professional security services.

We Work Very Hard To Satisfy Our Clients

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Our Core Culture Is Staff Development

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Nothing Is Too Big or Complicated for Wolfgang To Solve

Wolfgang Security is the only business that we’ve continued to work with since opening Goodbye Blue Monday Ltd in April 2009. I recommend Wolfgang Security; they walk beside you through thick and thin.


Wolfgang Is Capable Of Providing Service To Any Business

Dux Live has engaged Wolfgang Security since opening in 2011 as the sole provider of all security requirements. Dux Live is a live music venue catering to a wide range of music genres and the diverse associated crowds with a 300-guest capacity.


Their Attention To Detail Is Exceptional

Having been previously let down by amateur and slack work of other security companies, it has been a pleasure to work with a company of real and experienced industry professionals.


Wolfgang Put the Safety of Our Customers & Staff First

Wolfgang team is an asset to our culture of hospitality and customer service ensuring that our needs are consistently met. 


Wolfgang NZ Security

is a customer focused organisation and offers an extensive range of  personalised services with measured results in areas such as:

Benefit from Using An Internationally Benchmarked Security Provider

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